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NDIS, Work Cover or TAC and Concession Card

Home Help Services

We are registered as a provider of home help services for the following Listed below:

Once you are a client of NDIS, Work Cover or TAC and your Doctor or Health Professional recommends approved services, then we can arrange an appointment with you at home to see what cleaning requirements you are needing.

NDIS Services - We offer many services funded through the NDIS that are personalised to your needs. If you are an NDIS participant, we can help you make the most of your plan and identify which services best match your needs

Work Cover or TAC - If you have been injured at work or If you have been injured on the road, you are almost certainly entitled to injury compensation, we have many services to help you in the meantime until you return back to work etc.

All we need from you after confirming your cleaning needs, is your Claims number.

Note: NDIS, Work Cover and TAC have a set hourly rate. minimum 2 hours apply*

Concession, Health Care, Pension or Senior Card Holders 

(Pensioner, Concession or Senior Holders Card receive 10% Off)

Home Help Services - General Cleaning and Laundry Services

NDIS Home Help and Maintenance Services - General Cleaning and basic house work.

Cleaning Services - General Home Cleaning

NDISGardening/Cleaning - General Home and Yard Maintenance Service

More information please click on package link below(domestic cleaning)

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