Here are common Questions customers normally ask.

1: What kind of services do you offer?
   We offer general cleaning, carpet cleaning and window cleaning.

2: Can I trust the cleaner with keys etc?
   Yes we offer a safe guard with the keys or alarm codes we receive.

3: Are the cleaners insured?
   Yes we have Public Liability Insurance Cover.

4: Can I have the cleaner come out on the same day?
   Yes once the day/time is set.

5: How does the cleaner get paid?
   An Invoice is emailed at the end of the day, once the clean is completed and you have 7 days to pay the Invoice.
   5%- Late payment fee applies (per month)
   Option indicated below Invoice of EFT or Cheque or other arrangemnets of Cash/Credit Card.

6: Can I reschedule the cleaning day?
   Yes 24hour notice

7: Who supplies the cleaning materials?
   We provide our own cleaning products and equipment.(no extra charge)

8: Can I have a cleaner if I'm not at home or office?
   Yes, you can have your premises cleaned at anytime. (key or someone to open the door for the cleaner)   

9: Do the cleaners have an hourly rate?
   We provide fix rate's on once off and regular cleaning. (no matter how long the job takes)
10:What if the cleaner can't make it or is sick?
   We will arrange for cover during the time your cleaner is schedule or arrange another day/time.

If you have a question that is not on this page please contact us.